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PH tests conclusive: a 99.85% reduction in dangerous organisms


Aseptic Plus+ tested and proven effective

Four areas of the private hire minibus were swabbed each day for six days, at the same time each day, once the vehicle had returned from its transport jobs.

In the first three days, swab samples were taken from the four areas within the vehicle’s interior with no treatment, and showed a Total Viable Count (TVC) of all living organisms (bacteria, yeast, fungi, mould). The TVC of the untreated areas over the three days averaged 7,641.66, which is classed as ‘Poor’ and, on each day, some TVC counts were classed as ‘Gross Soiling’, the worst of all categories.

Aseptic intro

Evidence shows massive reduction in organisms

After the Aseptic Plus+ unit and solution had been fitted and was in operation, a further three days of swabbing the same areas was conducted. On average, the Total Viable Count from the swabs taken from the same places, but now in an Aseptic-treated environment, scored 11.66 TVC. That is a 99.85% average reduction in TVC.

The vehicle tested had no additional cleaning whatsoever during this process.

Swab tests were analysed by Cavendish Laboratories, a UKAS accredited laboratory (international standard ISO/IEC 17025, Laboratory Testing Accreditation Number 1643).

Protect your drivers and fares

Drivers told us they and their passengers were anxious about working and using cabs. We’ve found the solution to this problem—now everyone can feel confident about working again.

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