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How our partnerships benefit you

When a new round of vehicles is anounced we eagerly await to see:

  • what improvements have been made
  • what are the major technical breakthroughs
  • how the fuel efficiency is looking compared to last year
  • and what comfort levels look like.

The manufacturer partners we choose to work with do not disappoint, and that’s why we continue to work with key players such as Vauxhall, Ford, Hyundai and Mercedes.

Prices others cannot match

We maintain open, clear communications throughout the years’ development process, feeding back to the manufacturers what we are hearing directly from our own taxi driver customers. Manufacturuers do listen to this market reaction and it does affect the way they develop vehicles.

At a crucial moment in the year we decide how many vehicles we believe the market wants and negiotiate a price with the manufacturer. This is where a deep market knowledge gained over 30+ years in the taxi trade, an entrepreneur’s attitude to risk and a positive mental attitude come in.

Ultimately, we strike a deal to buy and supply massive numbers of vehicles. That is how we are able to negotiate such amazing low prices. It it bulk purchasing on a grand scale.We take the risk so you get the reward.