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Income opportunity for drivers

Over the last year many drivers have seen incomes slashed. Multi-service company UW offers the flexibility and freedom to build a significant income alongside taxi work. Here’s driver Gabriel Dwomoh on the benefits of a UW income:

“Working as a driver is hard,very stressful. UW gives me the chance to do my job whenever I need to. The money helps me pay for my mortgage and to go away on holiday.”

Watch drivers talk about their success with UW

Taxi driver Katie Nash has run a UW business part-time for a few years:

“The opportunity gives me enough income to live the life I want to live. Now, when I pop out for a drive, it’s just for fun!”

UW relies on a network of Partners who recommend UW to people in their community. In return, UW Partners get to be part of a British success story, earning money for every new customer they help switch to UW. Anyone who is organised and positive can do this work and the rewards are impressive.

Drivers like Paul Mackareth have joined UW with great success:

“The best thing about this business is the residual income. It means doing the job once, and getting paid over and over again, for something that might take an hour. I also make up to £300 for each customer I introduce. In my traditional job, if I wanted to earn £300 I would need to work two, 12-hour driving days.”

Your background, gender, accent and education don’t matter with UW. It’s not a sales job, you simply show how people could save money, and answer any questions. You will have full online training and be supported every step of the way by Mick Dickinson, himself a taxi trade supplier of seven years:

“When everything stopped in March last year I switched all my home services to UW and saved a fortune, £517 to be precise. I was impressed and joined UW as a Partner and I haven’t looked back. It’s flexible, I am my own boss, I work from home… and I make good money.”

Mick is currently looking for more drivers to join his team (see contact details below).

UW is an award-winning British company. With almost 700,000 customers it is growing every year and is listed on the FTSE stock exchange. They’re the only multi- service provider in the UK, and they could help families save money across everyday utilities.

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