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Electric Estate Car

  • From £478.99 p/m inc. VAT* (60 months, £500 deposit)
  • 214 miles of electronic range
  • Charge to 80% in just 50 minutes

Two specifications available in this model: the Excite (High Spec Entry Level) and the Exclusive (TopOf The Range).

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Ford Custom Mild Hybrid

Full Titanium spec

Ford Custom Hybrid
  • From only £620 p/m inc. VAT* with low-cost finance
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Reduced emissions

The combination of starter generator plus combustion engine gives more powerful acceleration.

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Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid

Cutting-edge technology

Hyundai IONIQ
  • From £472 p/m inc. VAT*
  • Diesel manuals and autos available
  • Perfect for start/stop city driving

A great PH vehicle with no compromises on performance. With many authorities mandating hybrids the IONIQ is a serious contender! 

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Ford Mondeo Hybrid Estate

Two sources of power

Ford Mondeo Hyrbrid Estate
  • From £519 p/m inc. VAT*
  • Regenerative braking
  • Packed with advanced technologies

Classy vehicle with a conventional fuel engine and a battery-driven, electric motor.

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Dynamo Electric Taxi

World’s best e-cab

Dynamo Electric Taxi
  • From £959 p/m inc. VAT*
  • Range 124–187 miles
  • Grants are available at £7,500

Astonishingly low running costs. A 100% electric taxi that will save you £17k+ over five years compared to a diesel

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