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Hackney Cabs

Ford Tourneo Custom Hackney

Best selling hackney

Ford Tourneo Custom Hackney
  • From only £720 p/m inc. VAT* with low-cost finance
  • Manual and Auto available
  • Unbeatable value at the this spec!

Converted in-house by our expert team, we’ve been told by inspectors it is “The best conversion I’ve seen.”

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Mercedes Vito TXV1 Hackney

Premium quality

Mercedes Vito Hackney Taxi
  • From £856 p/m inc. VAT*
  • Automatic gearbox
  • Attractive finance packages

“Who wouldn’t want to run a Merc? The badge has helped me win and keep some really nice contracts.” West Mids LA contract driver

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Renault TRAFIC Sport Hackney

2020 top selling cab

Renault TRAFIC Hackney taxi
  • From £650 p/m inc. VAT*
  • Large interior space
  • Manuals and Autos IN STOCK

Practical, robust and easy to operate by drivers, passenger comfort is excellent.

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Ford Custom Hackney cab

Ford Tourneo Side Wheelchair Accessible Hackney Taxi
From £720.26 p/m inc. VAT

Converted in-house by our expert team, we’re proud of the quality of workmanship in this vehicle. Simple, fast underfloor ramp (350 Kg load). Two ratchet-style straps and two floor pods keep the chair secure in transit. Handmade leatherette covers, polycarbonate partition screen, digital intercom and cash tray. Much more!

Mercedes Vito Tourer TXV1 Hackney
From £856.31 p/m inc. VAT

Available with Manual or Automatic Gearboxes, the side wheelchair access works brilliantly well. The Merc badge has proved to be a winner with drivers wanting reliable contract work.

Renault TRAFIC hackney cab

Renault TRAFIC LL30 Sport side W/C access hackney taxi
From £650 p/m inc. VAT*

Large interior space for wheelchair manoeuvrability. A practical, robust hackney cab with a brilliant underfloor ramp design tailored for ease of operation and passenger comfort.

Dynamo Electric Taxi

Dynamo Electric Taxi
From £959 p/m inc. VAT*

The world’s latest 100% fully electric black taxi with side wheelchair access. Astonishingly low running costs: fuel costs 3p per mile when charged at home, off peak (the diesel TX equivalent is 25p per mile).

Choose Aseptic Plus+ to protect your fares

Aseptic Plus+ is an ‘always-on’ air and surface sanitiser that continuously cleans throughout your cab.

Our units significantly reduce the number of airborne and surface microorganisms and volatile organic compounds inside vehicles.

Approved for use against COVID-19. Read more about Air & Surface Sanitisation for your cab.