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Clear, transparent, honest pricing


How it started

Rob Breuilly set up The Taxi Shop after realising there was a better way to help drivers find and buy cabs. One part of that is giving very clear pricing information. Here’s what he has to say on published prices:

“We think that showing the actual price you will pay, including the VAT, is the best way to do it. That’s what you are going to pay. We don’t see any advantage in making customers work out what adding the extra 20% VAT will mean. Basically showing prices including VAT is easier for drivers to understand. Any VAT registered business knows they can claim it back.”

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make

We know that buying a vehicle for taxi work is a big deal: it’s your livelihood. Most people buy using finance, and typically a commitment is for up to five years. So we like to be transparent and upfront about what the cost is going to be. Rob continues:

“We know that many dealers show their cab prices as ‘plus VAT’. We have no argument with it except our customers tell us that they prefer to see the actual, final price when they are looking for a new vehicle.”

The Taxi Shop is working to make purchasing your next cab as easy as possible. Including VAT in your pricing is just one part of that. To speak to a cab sales expert call 01525 717 695.